Frequently asked questions

What happens at my first appointment?

You will be expected to complete a written assessment form so that the therapist can gather as much relevant information about you as possible. During this time your therapist will discuss the content of your assessment form and then with your consent undertake a physical assessment.The therapist will then begin your treatment during this session and also discuss the planned management of your injury/condition and further follow up treatment appointments that may be required.

What will I wear to my appointment?

Please wear, or bring, loose comfortable clothing, you may need to undress down to your underwear as the therapist needs to see and feel what is happening in your body. You may wear shorts that allow movement if that would make you feel more comfortable.

I have private healthcare.

It is important that you contact your insurer BEFORE your Initial Assessment and that you provide us with a valid authorisation number for your physiotherapy treatments when you attend. Some insurers may request a GP referral before they authorise treatment.

If you do not have a valid authorisation number when you come we will expect you to pay for treatment. It is your responsibility to manage any excess payments that may be incurred when claiming through a health insurance company.

We are happy to provide receipts and/or invoices for physiotherapy if you are able to claim this through your employer.

Is there parking?

Parking is available at the front of the clinic for up to half an hour. Additional parking is located behind the clinic, to the rear of Alloa Bedroom Furniture and in the public car parks on Main Street.

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